Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Farfalen - oy vey

Yiddish hopeless, doomed

Let this be the first attempt to make Yiddish the official language of the Internet. I mean why should everyone have to 1/2 learn broken English when Yiddish lends itself much more nicely to global communication? It's all about bitching and complaining and putting curses on friends and family members as well as enemies.

Here are some links to help you along:Even though Stephen & I came up with this idea a few weeks ago [perhaps we do have too much free time], this article in The New York Times reminded me what a great idea it was. I espeically like this passage:
Yiddish is the language par excellence of complaint. How could it be otherwise? It took root among Jews scattered across Western Europe during the Middle Ages and evolved over centuries of persecution and transience. It is, Mr. Wex writes, "the national language of nowhere," the medium of expression for a people without a home. "Judaism is defined by exile, and exile without complaint is tourism," as Mr. Wex neatly puts it.
Now you have no reason to be meshuganah!

Meanwhile, leave it to the US military to not only get free access to Internet pornography (our tax money hard at work) but to also upload [illegal] photos of murdered and desecrated Iraqis. Don't bring these fuckers home; leave their sorry asses in Baghdad!

Goot gezugt!

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