Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Something I never do ...

... is reply to these chain-mail Q&A things. But for some reason I was in a good enough mood to try something different this morning, so here goes:

a. Ever been so drunk you blacked out? Yes, a handful of times.
b. Put a body part on fire for amusement: Mine or someone else's? Literally or figuratively? Twice.
c. Kept a secret from everyone? I won't tell.
d. Wanted to hook up with a friend? Yes; otherwise, what good are they?
e. Ever thought an animated character was hot? Speedy Gonzalez, certain Japanimation
f. Had a New Kids on the Block tape? No, but I carried some trading cards in my wallet.
g. Been on stage? Every day of my life.

a. Shampoo: for real friends & real poo for sham friends!
b. Soap: oatmeal bar + sweet sugar body scrub (I always have at least 2 flavas....)
c. Colour: black
d. Perfume: Platinum Egoïste by Chanel (The name says it all, eh?)
e. Day/Night: Night
f. Summer/Winter: Texas winter--it's like European summer but without all the rain
g. TV program: PBS
h. Food: Middle Eastern/Mediterranean
i. Movie: Wim Wenders' Until the End of the World

a. Wearing: grey clam-diggers (commando) + Katy 5K tee-shirt
b. Eating: blueberry crumble bar
c. Hair is: short (but not shaved)
d. Drinking: pineapple juice
e. Thinking about: working
f. Listening to: the voices in my head + Lewis Taylor's "Lucky" on SOMA FM
g. Talking to: myself

a. Cried: no
b. Met someone new: no
c. Cleaned your room: no
d. Drove a car: yes

a. Yourself: yes
b. Your friends: only the ones I hook-up with (see above)
c. Santa Claus: St. Nicholas is an historical figure, no?
d. Tooth Fairy: don't have any teeth, so it doesn't matter...
e. Destiny/Fate: no, but I've heard of Destiny's Child
f . Angels: no, they're as imaginary as Anglos
g. Ghosts: no

a. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? at least one of each
b. Who have you known the longest of your friends: Tami W.
c. Who do you go to for advice: Stephen H.
d. When did you cry the most: when my grandma died
e. Who will respond to this the fastest: n/a
f. Who did you send this to who won't reply: n/a
g. Who sent this to you: Germán
h. Do you want all your friends to send it back to you: please, no!

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