Monday, August 29, 2005

Him & Hurricane K (or No Poor Person Left Behind)

I became physically ill when Shmonk told me about the report/interview he heard on NPR this morning with a schoolteacher who “decided” to last out Hurricane Katrina in a New Orleans’ building because he didn’t have a car that could take him inland. He couldn’t afford to leave otherwise either because he had lent money to some of his students’ families who had cars but couldn’t afford gas.

I’m beginning to think that maybe God is a Republican and is helping wipe out the poor and homeless from New Orleans since He didn't give them all Hummers to evacuate in. He (with the help of the New Orleans authorities) will stuff them all in the stadium and them knock the roof down on them. There will be no relatives left to sue and all will be right with the world. On earth at it is in New Orleans. Amen. Besides, insurance typically doesn’t cover “acts of God.”

It will be interesting to see what that Christianist terrorist organization (the 700 Club) will have to say about it all. Just how many abortions and blowjobs made God this mad?

But I’m thinking that we’ve all become too complacent: if all it takes is a few abortions and blowjobs to bring down God's wrath, then it's obvious to me that there just aren't that many abortions or blowjobs going around these days. We should all get out there and work! On your knees! Thy kingdom come.

This posting was brought to you by the letter K and by the number 4, in honor of Special K’s email this morning reminding me of our blissful trip to New Orleans just four short years ago.

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