Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Panic on the streets of London

By the time the third bullet entered Jean Charles de Menezes' head, I'd like to think this thing called "Western civilization" still had a chance to live. But then: bullet #4. Bullet #5. Bullet #6. Bullet #7.

Since watching the PBS documentary about Emma Goldman for the second time this past week, I've been thinking a lot about the state's monopoly on murder. And why it's only when the state exercises its monopoly on murder do we call it something other than "murder": capital punishment, collateral damage, war.

Something the state's monopoly on murder should never be called, however, is an "accident."

Example of an accident--"oops, I slipped and accidentally pulled the trigger."

But then: bullet #2. Bullet #3. Bullet #4. Bullet #5. Bullet #6. Bullet #7. And he was pinned down while the trigger was pulled.

So, yes: there is terrorism in London. But don't you feel safer already? As long as your skin is rosy pink like Tony Blair's....

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  1. The visual you created to accompany this post is one of the best pieces of political art that I have seen in quite a while. Even when your use of imagery is brilliant.