Thursday, July 21, 2005

My life suddenly came into focus when I learned to channel my anger into rap music

After getting pissed off this afternoon with the video rental shop that has found it necessary to charge me more than $15 for a return that was absolutely not late and then to not respond to a letter I wrote more than two months ago in an attempt to settle the matter, my second thought [the first was to sabotage their dropbox--and now that I've blogged it, there's no way I could carry it out] was to add a line on a small index card on which I write lyrics to a rap song should I ever decide to record such a thing.

Now I see what all the fuss is about: rap amplifies and clarifies the anger I felt rising much like what a laser does with light. And now that M&M--no, wait: that's the candy!--Eminem is retiring, perhaps the music industry is ready for an overweight hillbilly from east Texas with bad skin to fill his shoes. I sound like a Third Coast Andy Warhol! At least I have some good rap lyrics already written:
I got it down to a science
We gonna stand in defiance
Don't know why you wanna hate me
Ain't gonna pay your late fee

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