Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Body Counts

While I was driving home last night from teaching, I heard a report on The World about Iraq Body Count, an organization that is attempting to document all civilians killed in this illegal & immoral war. The numbers don't scare me so much (between 22,850 and 25,881) after the handful of years I spent walking among the ghosts of 6 million, trying not to continue that hard mathematics in my head once my eyes were closed.

What I found infuriating, however, was the "official" response from members of the United States military. I'm not talking about the quotes peppered throughout IBC's web site; although they certainly should chill any thinking, feeling human to the core. The asses that were interviewed on the radio were belligerent, defiant, and downright stupid. It made me wish I did pay taxes so I could be a part of the civil disobedient refusing to fund this illegal & immoral war.

How do we know the good we're doing if we don't know the evil?

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