Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Let there be light

Not only is today the longest day of the year, but we also have a full moon tonight.

Last year Stephen, Kris, Theo & I had a picnic at White Rock Lake. That seems like years ago, especially since Theo died.

Yesterday I kept the air conditioner off until 8:00 pm just to see if I could. The morning air was fairly cool and sweet, and I didn’t even have much problem running errands in the afternoon. Today will be another red ozone-alert day.

More things you should know about me:

  • I have an intense dislike of helicopters. Seeing & hearing them, especially in the morning, makes me real mad.
  • Now that I sleep with an apparatus that helps me breathe, I’ve started having the same kind of bizarre, vivid dreams I had as a kid. Someday I may share them with you. (You’re getting it, Paris Hilton! You and your little dog too!)
  • My teeth are unusually straight for never having had braces.
  • I suffer from a rare affliction known as “hot-dog fingers.” And when Sonia squeals, “I love your little hands!” I feel shame.
  • The only life-after-death experience I had was boring: people in black robes were asking me questions. (Bureaucracy is hell, no?)
  • The smell of dill makes me dizzy—which explains my behavior in Poland....
  • Drew Barrymore makes me feel warm inside.
  • I consider a good pun better than sex. And I’ve had great sex.... ;)
  • When I’m not working hard, I’m fairly lazy.
  • Despite all my attempts to make & keep friends, I remain fairly antisocial. Despite all my antisocial tendencies, I’ve made some great friends.
  • People I’d invite to my fantasy dinner party include Hal Foster, Bill Moyers, Sadako Ogata, Arvo Pärt, Gus Van Sant, Ani DiFranco, Sylvia Poggioli & Wim Wenders. (Sorry, but Jesus and Oprah were further down the list.)


  1. You may be fairly antisocial, and I'm probably dead to you because I never call or e-mail--and God only knows when I'll have a chance to see you and Stephen--but I love you just the same. I was at a Thai place the other night and wondered what ever happened to Spicy #4...and thought of you.


  2. I agree. I've always thought you had very nice teeth.

    Oh, and I agree about the antisocial thing too. We have that in common. So, it's amazing that we've stayed buds. But there you have it.

  3. I can't believe I'm not on your dinner list.

  4. You know...

    Maybe if you post a picture of your hot-dog fingers, the hand fetishists will flock to your site as the foot/toe fetishists have flocked to Lori's.


    Just a thought.

  5. Matt--bite your tongue!

    I wouldn't wish those people on anyone

  6. Okay, okay! Everyone's invited. (But does anyone have the personal contact info for the fantasy guests? Otherwise, we might as well stay home and blog.)

    And what's on the menu: finger foods, including my sexy hot dog fingers. Yum! A real treat. Almost as good as Spicy #4!

    Just don't take a helicopter to my party!