Friday, May 6, 2005

if loving you is thong, i don't wanna be white

Just saw a deadline for May 12th and couldn’t remember if that was in the future or the past. Thankfully I still have a few more days. With the semester winding down—reminder: I’ve been teaching 5 courses (3 preps) on 3 campuses since January—I haven’t been keeping up with the calendar or the clock lately, trying to enjoy the lull before finals week.

Glad to see that a majority of the British are just as stupid as the majority of Americans. Congratulations to Tony Blair for lying and being at least half responsible for thousands of deaths in Iraq (almost 300 since the “Iraqi government came to power”). Thumbs up!

Armed with a balanced checkbook, I’m looking forward to the weekend; although I will need to grade a handful of assignments that came in very late. Next week will be smooth: one final exam to give each day, a novel to work through in order to get a conference proposal out by the end of the month, an application to submit, a few questions to ask, and a fistful of Polish chocolate (I spent $15 on some Wedel specialty chocolate at the Polish shop in Plano this morning, mostly for gifts) to eat.

Funny thing about the prices at the Polish store: the numbers are exactly the same as the prices in Poland … except that there it’s in zloty and here it’s in dollars. For example, chocolate bar there—2.50 zl (about 75¢); chocolate bar here--$2.50. But I am happy to give my hard-earned dollars to my favorite kind of Pole: a hyphenated one! God bless the Polish-American owner, despite her pink running suit and matching thong.

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