Monday, May 9, 2005

Cattle Guard

As if to prove how busy I've been lately:
  • The toilet paper has not been replenished in the bathroom for several days now
  • I have at least 3 emails from one of my oldest & closest friends that I need to respond to (Sorry, Sonia!)
  • I just now sent off a list of things to do in Prague to my friend's daughter who will visit there at the end of the month even though I've been thinking about it for the past week

As if to prove how much time I seem to have this morning:

  • I went jogging
  • The bathroom is fully stocked
  • I wrote a quick email to Sonia apologizing for the delay in my response(s): I can't wait for you to return to Texas!
  • I created a list of things to do to Prague and sent that off in an email
  • I opened a mock foreign exchange trading account to see if I have a knack to earn some money from forex volatility; of course, I really need to educate myself before too long since I've already lost lots of fake dollars
Stephen & I are locked in to our NHL ("new healthier lifestyle"). We woke up Saturday morning and walked to the polling location to vote in the municipal elections. Yesterday we went jogging in the neighborhood, and I lifted weights while he was out with his mother for Mothers Day. This morning I jogged. So, the hard part is over. Now we just let inertia carry us into better health and fitness.

Having grown up on a farm in East Texas, I greatly appreciate the following erudite article from a new Slovenian pal regarding cattle guards & Scottish cows. It's great reading and will make your Monday. Guaranteed.

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