Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tuesday, Spring Break

Today: not so bored. After posting yesterday, I drove to Buli, a new independent coffee shop/café. Delicious latté. Interesting & beautiful people to watch and overhear. I stayed there for more than 90 minutes reading and eavesdropping on the two soldiers who sat across from me on the sofa.

When I returned home, I vacuumed 1/2 of the living room really well. (It's better than half-ass vacuuming the entire living room!) Then I deleted all my personal files off the laptop (computer #2 that "crashed" in the past 6 months). Drank some fresh vegetable juice from veggies we bought at the Farmer's Market.

This morning I finished the Zamiatin book and chose Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony as the next text to conquer. I've also been working on the design of Skajlab 6--the next incarnation of this blog that I started 6 years ago. New icon. New banner. New style. It's all good. I'm staying at home this afternoon to do more cleaning & organizing.

(Well, I wasn't bored until I reread this post....)


  1. I remember reading Zamiatin's _We_ when I was a university student. Of course, I hardly remember anything about it. The story is stuck in the crevices of my mind. Is there a part in that story that has to do with sausages??? Maybe I am thinking of a different Russian writer. . .

    I can't wait to see the incarnation of your new blog. I am sure it will be just as swell as this one!

    P.S. I am never bored when I read your entries! Keep them coming . . .

    Well, I GOTTA get back to work ;-)

    P.P.S. I know I have said this a million times before, but we really have got to talk on the phone sometime!

  2. Droga Chrzanka:

    I think you've confused Zamiatin with some other old Russian writer. I don't remember any sausages in this book. :)

    Yes, a telephone should be involved in the near future. Or an aeroplane!

    If elected president, I'll work to ensure all Americans have a spring break....

  3. hmmm, i'll have to consult my old syllabus . . . i know i read something about sausages . . .