Friday, March 18, 2005

SPD Reflux

SPD, like the snakes of Ireland, came and went. Stood in line from 7:00 - 7:30pm at one of the few Irish taverns in this village on the North Texas plains that somehow was able to pull off three St. Patrick's Day parades even though there is not a noticeable Irish diaspora anywhere nearby. For the $5.00 cover I got a cheap plastic hat that ripped as soon as the doorman placed it on my head. And the chance to wait and wait and wait for table service. There was no talk of the shamrock representing the trinity of God. Or the conversion of the Irish tribes to Christianity. Only beer and the chance to wear tacky green. Why has this day lost all meaning!

From Ireland to Russia: Спокойной ночи, Mr. Kennan.


  1. I realy can't understand so suddenly St Patrick's Day has been made so tackie. And suddenly the Shamrock has been replaced by the 4-leaf clover. Sure - celebrate and have fun; but green beer? Ireland gave the US (the world) two festivals - Halowe'en and Paddy's Day - Halowe'en is on All Souls Day (when we remember the dead - not the creepy) and Paddy's Day when we remember the trinity. God I sound like a gospeller - and I most certinly am not. Anyway - just a long way to say "Yep - you are right"

  2. All Souls' Day is November 2nd, no? Halloween is on the eve of All Saints' Day (Nov. 1): October 31st. But those dates/holidays get quite a bit conflated in the US.

  3. yep guess you are right - but you know what I mean ----