Thursday, March 31, 2005

Feeding (Tube) Frenzy: A Living Will (To Power)

I am sheer insignificance.

And I think it obvious that human life, as far as the universe goes, stretched across eleven dimensions, is fairly negligible. Just look at the tsunami victims: tens of thousands of people and not one single elephant! How’s that for a ratio for the importance of one man?

When God was passing out brains, humans thought she said “drains” ....

All the more reason why Terri Schiavo’s body should not be kept alive.

And all the more reason why her parents should be fined for wasting our courts’ resources. And hogging precious airtime.

And isn’t there someone that could just slip the Pope some poison? I mean, that’s how the business was done in the Middle Ages. Hasta nunca, Pope!

How sad and pathetic to puff up the meaning of one person’s life. It’s something so stupid that only the living would even attempt it! We make Shakespeare mean, we make Jesus signify, we make Nina Simone indicate and convey. But they are the ones who laugh last because after death—there is no after after death—all meaning, all signification, all indication cease.

Funny how all the anti-compassionate ideologues in Washington jumped on that bandwagon when it appeared public opinion would grant them a reelection platform. And now that the small and insignificant group of extremists that would attempt to force a woman to live against her will are shown to be a small and insignificant group of extremists (each praying to a god that Ms. Schiavo wouldn't even recognize), senators and representatives and presidents go back to business as usual: in the daytime, on weekdays, making laws that are not designed purely for one individual, not flying back early from vacation.

Significant quote:
"When the fervor of political passions moves the executive and legislative branches to act in ways inimical to basic constitutional principles, it is the duty of the judiciary to intervene," wrote Judge Birch.... "If sacrifices to the independence of the judiciary are permitted today, precedent is established for the constitutional transgressions of tomorrow."

Because I am sheer insignificance, I hereby make my wishes known: give my body a week—just seven days to recover. I will accept blood only if it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, I do not want anything donated from anyone else: no organs, no skin, no prayers. And I do not bequeath anything from my own body to anyone else. I’ll take it all with me into the furnace, thankyouverymuch. If after seven days, I am able to function as a human, unplug it all.

A graduate degree. Some music and bad poetry. A fairly short list of lovers, and an even shorter list of people I’ve loved. Lots of photographs. A handful of journals. Throw it all in the fire with me.

Because what you don’t know or can’t comprehend is that I’ve already died as pure spirit. And nothing else should remain … because of its insignificance.

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  1. Well hell, maybe I'll just throw myself in the furnace now.