Monday, March 14, 2005

Dawno i nieprawda

Okay, I confess: I was bored this morning. After taking a few extra hours of sleep--it is spring break, afterall--I woke up with lots to do but no desire to start. Even poor Baby Griga grew tired of me kissing his little tunafish head! (That last sentence could use a little 'splaining, but not now....) I read some in Zamiatin's WE. I ate a spoonful of cheap vanilla ice cream. Another. I dressed to exercise and went jogging/walking in the neighborhood for about 30 minutes. Changed my voicemail message on my cell phone. Called my guru to confirm this week's yoga schedule. She wasn't home. Entered several new questions on my online US Constitution exam that I'll require all my government students to complete next month. Working ahead. Working behind. Not interested in either. Should dust and clean the living room, but maybe not today. I have all week. Played online and read a couple new blogs. Boring. Bored. Ate a mini sandwich--it wasn't big enough to be a full sandwich! Could eat some more cheap ice cream but not interested. Maybe I'll just logoff and find something new to do. Something interesting. The mail just arrived. Nothing interesting. I've already missed Ambush Makeover. Another hour before Ellen. Don't really care to see who's on today. And then 30 minutes more till Jeopardy. I am so bored. Ooh, I'm sorry; please phrase it as a question. What is I am so bored? I'm outta here.

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  1. if it helps you any, i am feeling bored too . . . except that i am at work and i am being paid for it. so on top of my boredom, i am feeling guilty. i recommend a film (actually a documentary) here that might help us all rethink boredom as well as all of life's little pleasures. i watched it last night. it is called "how's your news?" ( it is about a group of mentally and physically disabled people who drive across america in an r.v. interviewing random people about random things. the way in which these folks go about the task of asking people mundane questions, i think can really teach us a thing or two about appreciating the small things in life. at the same time, after watching the doc yesterday, here i am still feeling bored. go figure! i wish i got a spring break!

    p.s. what is your popstrology sign?