Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Enhancing Control of Manpads

I swear as God is my witness that I received the following text via email from the US State Dept:
U.S.-Russia Arrangement on Cooperation in Enhancing Control of Man-PADS
Some of the highlights of this email include

One goal of this Arrangement is to facilitate the destruction of MANPADS that are obsolete or otherwise in excess of legitimate ... requirements. This Arrangement also will allow the two countries to share information about MANPADS sales and transfers to third countries.

Mutual assistance in destroying excess and obsolete MANPADS through an exchange of information on the methods and means of destroying them as well as through the provision of technical and financial assistance in carrying out their destruction.

The exchange of information on controlling MANPADS, including improving measures to enhance physical security and the taking of inventory, and control during the production, safeguarding, transfer, and destruction of MANPADS and individual components thereof.

Further mutual coordination on preventing the global proliferation of MANPADS.

This Arrangement represents a significant step forward in our strategy to coordinate efforts in countering the global proliferation of MANPADS. It serves as an example of what the United States and Russia can accomplish by working together on such vital issues.

I wonder if they have wings....

Now if only the US and Russia could work together to end terrorism. Or poverty. Or slavery. But I guess it's their time of the month.


  1. When some higher-up at the Pentagon saw "Enhancing Control of MANPADS", some unfortunate peasant lost his job. If they are smart, MANPADS will have wings--talk about enhancing control. They also help minimize the shifting of baggage during flight.

    I don't know what made me think of this, but years ago the Southern Baptist Home Mission Board unveiled an agressive new strategy to gospeltize the unwashed heathen of the US. The carefully and prayerfully chosen(do you doubt it?) moniker for this strategy: "Pioneer Penetration".

    Ya-huh. The Pioneers were all a-twitter, but a few of those assigned to do the Penetrating were less than so. The call went out for a new name. Not a few meetings, and tens of thousands of dollars later.....Pioneer Penetration became....BOLD MISSION THRUST.

    Yee Haw.


  2. Beautiful! How about merging both names: the "penetrating missionaries" or the "thrusting pioneers". To boldly go where no Baptist has gone before!

    Forgive the simple pun, but let's send them all off to Uranus. There they can thrust and penetrate all they want.