Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Szybki numer

Arguably one of the worst films I've ever seen (next to Sideways), The Quickie tries to pass itself off as a thriller. I saw the DVD at Premier Video last night when Stephen & I went to rent some britcoms to get us through the lackluster evenings of ever increasing darkness and boredom. Sarah and I saw it at the kino at the Palace of Culture (PKiN) in Warsaw. What better place to see a horrible Russianesque film than Stalin's gift to the Polish nation? We spent days laughing about the soundtrack. "Sataaaannnnnnn!" should always be so funny!

Despite working with a huge word deficit, I'm managing to get the novel written. Don't ask me too much about it, 'cause I'm not supposed to tell.

Exercised this weekend, thanks to motivation and sunny weather. Walked and jogged at White Rock Lake Saturday morning for about 40 minutes. Sunday, Stephen, Nick & I rollerbladed the entire length of the Katy Trail. That took slightly more than an hour.

Tomorrow I complete my humanities course with an exam, grading, and some minor paperwork. I'll write another quickie in the next few days.

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