Thursday, December 23, 2004

New Holiday Flava

Take that, Take That! Laughed my arse off the other night watching MadTV resurrect their version of the Fantanas.

Remanufacturing the totally manufactured group is puro genius; I especially adore Two-Litre Beth--the "new" girl on the beach who can't get enough of that love gravy.

That's 2-Litre Beth in the grape.

Don't you wanta Fanta now? I know you do.

For an interesting history of the soft drink that inspired the Fantanas (as well as some great postmodern decontructionist analysis--"a post-ethnic, multinational, transracial, global village, lip-syncing girl band meets prefab boy band, retro-swinger, Austin Powers/Ocean's 11 semi-camp, quasi-kitsch, virtual nostalgia, club remix, neo-urban, alterna-brand, anti-Cola … vibe"--check out this article from Slate.

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