Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Top 10 Ludachristmas Awards (in ascending order)

  1. Christmas in July

  2. Snow in Texas (even if it is December) & the people who write about it on their blogs (wink, Lori)

  3. Strangers who ask me if I'm ready for Christmas

  4. The whack-ass clerk at the post office trying to "help" customers by suggestive selling postal insurance & confirmation receipts on every piece of mail

  5. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (although we do secretly love this one!)

  6. Minimally talented pop stars singing bad holiday songs

  7. The miracle of the Christmas fetus

  8. Any "miracle" involving magical babies at this time of year (i.e., Jesus)

  9. Double entendres involving African American comedians & Ho, ho, ho

  10. Unkie Ken for giving a turkey to his No. 1 employee--both men are vegetarians (especially when all the other vegetarians in the office received giftcards!) ¿Cómo se dice tacky?


  1. I prefer to put a postmodern self-reflexive turn on the turkey gift/as gift: the "turkey" gift this year is in fact a real turkey. Or maybe I'm the turkey. Hmmmm.

    The Turkey Himself

  2. The fact that The Turkey is required to self-reflect on his own "turkiness"....postmodern or not as a result of his employer probably thinking..."sending a turkey is is the thought that counts" should be yet another reminder to The Turkey of his superiority. If it was only the freakin' thought that counted, the Miracle Baby could've grabbed his gold, frankensense (sp?) and myrrh and gotten the hell out of Dodge before having to say "Et tu, Pontus?" Why is it that so many people who think it is the thought that counts obviously spend as little time as possible actually thinking?