Monday, November 22, 2004

What Happens If It Actually Works?

Watched Primer Sunday afternoon at the Dallas Angelika. It is a science fiction film about time travel, but instead of relying on digital effects, it has an edgy realism about it that keeps you interested and intrigued.

After having spent the majority of my childhood waiting for aliens to abduct me or for time travelers to return to the East Texas farm, this film felt like something from my memories or my dreams. Shane Carruth, the 31-year-old screenwriter/director/actor/composer, is an amazing fellow. I especially liked his score for the film: lots of simple piano melodies accented by sine waves and backward digital audio. Even more bizarre was seeing bits of Addison and my university used as location shots. I highly recommend this film.

The trick is to know that it actually works but, like Nietzsche's übermensch, to decide at the end of it all to declare, "Once more!" without hesitation. No regrets. No anxiety. Just a love of life so strong to have the cajones to complete it over and over again. Just the way it was.

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