Friday, November 12, 2004

Un-American Football

Things you don't want to hear in heavily accented English from the Hispanic maintenance man carving out a hole the size of a Fiat behind your refrigerator with a drill and jackhammer: "Oooooouuuuuuuuuu! That was my hand!" Our conversation Wednesday, when the "work" began:

He: Oh, you work from home.
Me: Yes, some days.
He: Ah, you are lucky.
Me: Except when you're carving out a hole the size of a Fiat behind my refrigerator with a drill and jackhammer, preventing me from doing any sort of real work.

But at least I now have an excuse why I'm not productive on the days I work from home. Too bad there aren't more holes the size of Fiats that need to be carved out with drills and jackhammers in the apartment. I could get used to this unproductivity. Perhaps I should just go ahead and outsource myself to some poor Bangladeshi.

Well, it's almost noon, and I do need to get some things accomplished today despite the noise (from the drills and jackhammers as well as the screams in English and Spanish). Pray that I don't need to put my chores away and rush the maintenance man to the hospital any time soon.

The Fiat-Sized Hole Behind My Refrigerator (As of Lunch Friday)

Polski Fiat, c. 1978


  1. HEY! I recognize that press-on floor tile! Is Daryl installing central air conditioning finally?

  2. Air conditioning?!?! At the Manor?!?! Shirley, you jest! Nancy Da'relle has better plans than modern conveniences (and by "modern," I mean "early 20th century"). Instead the neighbor upstairs will be getting washer/dryer connections. The hole the size of a Fiat that's S-T-I-L-L behind my refrigerator is for washer/dryer connections in this apartment/experiment. Not that we asked for them. Not that we ever wanted them. Not that we had a choice about it. Etc. etc.

    Any thoughts about what we should request for enduring the hole the size of a Fiat behind the rerigerator for more than a week? I'm willing to entertain any suggestions. DSL? Free rent? Back rubs?

  3. Nancy Da'relle (snickering)

    Check your lease--if the contstruction is interfering with your "quiet enjoyment" then you might have grounds to demand a backrub, a complimentary washer/dryer, or a gift certificate to Crate and Barrel (Nancy's fave shopping spot).