Saturday, November 13, 2004

How Ashlee Simpson Can Redeem Herself & Her Career

  • Return to Saturday Night Live, appearing on "Weekend Update" to apologize
  • Every time she attempts to apologize for lip-syncing & disparaging her band, a recorded apology interrupts her
  • Finally, after the apology, she should sing something a cappella

The longer she waits to do something, the worse it will be for her to redeem herself and her career. Not that I really care about her or her career, but I do think it's just sad and pathetic that she's laid low since coming out on national television as a goddamned talentless idiot.

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps Ashlee should consider using your plan of action from your blog entry, "Back-up Plans". She could appear on "Weekend Update" in a Q & A session and proceed to, "[use] the politician's trick of not answering the question put to [her] but answering the question [she] wished would’ve been asked".
    This would look like:
    WU: So why do you lip-synch?
    AS: I enjoy puppies, chocolate mint ice cream, and world peace.