Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Back-Up Plans

Monday afternoon I was put in front of my class and asked questions regarding a research proposal I barely understood. While my peers seemed to be perfectly engaged in a conversation with the professor (and before my turn arrived), every back-up plan I’ve ever made to get out of such situations kept running through my mind: coughing fit, vomit, diarrhea, bloody nose, crying, vanishing into thin air. But when my turn came, I used the politician's trick of not answering the question put to me but answering the question I wished would’ve been asked. I suffered through the remainder of the class, surviving yet another seminar without coughing fit, vomit, diarrhea, bloody nose, crying, or vanishing into thin air. Only three more meetings to go.

Here are our Jack-O’-Lanterns for this year:


  1. Other back-up plans I've come up with since posting:

    hair in the eye
    bleeding eye
    struck deaf
    struck blind
    angelic visions
    alien abduction
    emergency phone call
    and the one mentioned in JOEY last night: someone is stealing my car

    Feel free to add more to this list since, as mentioned before, I do have 3 more classes to attend.

  2. How about:

    epileptic seizure
    ruptured spleen (actually, anything ruptured)
    emergency phone call from god
    locust infestation (that starts right before it is your turn to speak)
    the skies turning black and the waters running with blood . . .