Sunday, October 3, 2004

Saints Be Praised

I’ve spent the majority of the past three days writing and studying for an exam in my political science course. My head is reeling, and my eyes are tired. Meanwhile, my friends are enjoying a day at the State Fair of Texas. I'm glad it's started to rain.

Can’t not mention Thursday’s presidential “debate.” I showed it to my second semester students during class, prefacing it with a mini lecture entitled “The Dirty Little History of Presidential Debates.” Remember when the League of Women Voters used to sponsor them and they weren’t so scripted? I admonished my kids to focus not on the mannerisms and facial expressions of the candidates—because the media would certainly do enough of that for them—but instead to think about the arguments and the words used. Finally, about thirty minutes into the spectacle, I could stop yelling at them for being such media whores and cutting up every time someone stuttered or pursed his lips. It was exciting that the media didn't play by the rules (regarding camera angles, etc.), and I was happy to see Friday that after a four-year hiatus, the media was once again checking facts (or just check out Greenblatt wrote a beautiful op-ed ("Friends, Americans, Countrymen"), so I won’t pontificate further.

Speaking of pontification and beatification, perhaps one day in the sad and meager future President Bush will be canonized because of his great Christian faith. It’s happening to Austro-Hungarian Emperor Charles I. How much did that cost?!?!

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