Thursday, September 23, 2004

What Problem?

"How do you intend to resolve problems by allowing half-nude women to mingle and party with men who dress like women?"
Eshrat Shaegh, one of the women elected to Iran’s Parliament, commenting on women who show too much hair and men who wear colorful clothes.
What problems could possibly arise between half-nude women and men who dress like women? Jealousy?

It's important to remember that today is my friend Olja's birthday. Happy birthday. I'm sorry we won't be able to celebrate this year as we did just last year in Ann Arbor.

Celebrated the equinox yesterday by attending meditation at the Crow Collection. Met some interesting people there and ate lunch with them and our instructor afterwards. That was a much more meaningful way to spend the afternoon than forcing myself through more philosophy of science texts for my Ph.D. even though I know I'll have to spend Friday doing just that.

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  1. it is MOST important! :) olja remembered it to several people yesterday -- in response to the question 'so did you have a big party for your 30th birthday'... and i said 'yes, and my friends came from dallas' (sort of like nobody else was there:), so that we have this astral connection thing figured out 100%...lovelove.