Wednesday, September 8, 2004

London Blitz / Quiet Patriotism for All

Yesterday--the anniversary of the beginning of Nazi Germany's blitz over London--I sent the saddest, most pathetic email of my life to that great city on the Thames. Oh, London, we hardly knew ye!

The (extreme) right candidate & why he's the wrong candidate: Our fidiotic (and yes, I'm sure you know what the F stands for) vice president said today that if we elect John Kerry president, the US will be vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Hmm. With this "logic," we can assume that under President Bush there have never been any terrorist attacks. It was all a bad dream.... Thanks, W., for making the world so gawddamned safe.

General Pinochet has lost his immunity and now can be tried for being the cruel, inhuman piece of shit he always was. Now if only something could be done to bring justice to the American bastards in the CIA who put him in power in the first place. (By the way, I just visited the CIA web site and thought this entry under "Values" was interesting: "Service, sacrifice, flexibility, teamwork, and quiet patriotism are our hallmarks. " Quiet--or rather covert--patriotism indeed!)

On the days that I could actually sleep in and get more rest, I toss and turn; on the days I have to get up and out and on the road, I'm stuck in a stupor from not sleeping well the night before. Damn those alien implants! They probably explain why my application to the CIA didn't survive the phone interview all those years ago. Some arrogant, piece-of-shit bureaucrat "interviewed" me by phone when I returned a call asking me to schedule an interview. It was all quite surreal, having an advanced degree and at least 3 languages on my tongue at the time, to be talked down to and ridiculed when I tried to explain why my reading skills in Japanese were scored differently than my speaking skills. Let's see: when you speak, you don't need to know 3000 Chinese hieroglyphics! I guess teaching myself Japanese while I lived in Japan was a waste of time as far as Agent X was concerned. I'm glad (looking back, of course) that I didn't get to the next round: every job I've had, I've had to deal with the frustration of being the most intelligent and enlightened cog in the wheel. Can you imagine how frustrated I'd be in the so-called intelligence community! Agent X: analyze this.

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