Thursday, July 22, 2004


Okay, I've been asked relentlessly who I was going to endorse for the US elections this November, and I've finally made my decision:

Who would Jesus torture?

Let the Crusade begin! Bush/Cheney '04


For other options regarding "Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Crappiness," I recommend this site. Check out his hilarious gallery.

Lori, you might want to just delete all links to my site....


  1. Another good question to ask oneself at times likes these, is:

    What would Joan Jett do?

    Most likely she would torture Bush, Cheney, and their entire bunch of hellion sidekicks a la S/M style!

    Not that Joan Jett is an S/M hooker or anything like that, but interestingly enough all of this somehow reminded me of yet another wonderful SFGate Mark Morford article:

    "Why Hookers Love Republicans: At the GOP Convention, where scores of sex pros gear up to party with 'moral' conservatives"

  2. Are you kidding? Delete links to your site??

    I LIVE through you's my only link to sanity!!