Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Stink Bug

Check out Mz. Chrzanka's blog at halochrzanka. By the way, chrzan is Polish for horseradish; and I can confirm Mz. Chrzanka's horsiness as well as her radishness.

There was a huge stink bug (Stinkimus maximus) crawling up my front window. But it was not quite as huge as the spider spinning its nasty web out the backdoor.

Stephen introduced me to the genius of Soviet Kitsch. From the cover, you won't be able to tell what kind of music she writes, but you've got to hear Regina Spektor's voice and piano playing. I recommend "Carbon Monoxide" and "Chemo Limo," because if you have to choose....

Speaking of specters, here's a poem I wrote a few years ago:
The Leaving of the Ghost

3:52 in the morning
the black cat crossed himself
and crossed my stomach thrice
I woke up in your head
holding myself
with fat-free fingers
a word of love
on my low-cal lips
I became thinner and thinner
a white shadow instead of night
in my eyes
seeing dreams in my own dreams
magic left
with my will
I hear footsteps on the stoop
the clock—
four short bells
levitation, no longer my game
I pull the covers tight
my back back on the bed
finally a dog howls

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  1. Dzieki bardzo for the blog plug (get it? blog plug-- hee hee hee) and for the very stimulating comments posted by you and yours ;-) I plan on responding to both when I have a wee bit more time on my hands.

    About Regina Spector's CD Soviet Kitsch, I think it is awesome! I loved all the sample trax that I listened to. Too darn bad that that particular CD is out of stock. I wasn't as crazy about her earlier stuff. It sounds like her talents are much more developed in Soviet Kitsch. Oh, and what a grand title! I thank the both of you, yet again, for introducing me to something new and interesante!

    Until next time, friends!