Saturday, June 19, 2004


Dear all who happen to spend your hours at work perusing my little corner of cyberspace: I would like to acknowledge your presence (or the always already absence of your presence) in my life by building a page with photos and/or brief bios of you who read this blog. So, if you are game, please send me a snapshot (or otherwise staged photo) and some (kind) words about yourself. Thanks for playing. And have a safe trip home.

Also, always feel free to comment on anything I've written here.

Two more weeks before I give up my weeknights. The second summer semester begins on July 6th, and I'm scheduled to teach two courses between 5:30 - 9:40pm, M - Th. Despite having to figure out a time to eat my supper four nights a week, I'm looking forward to the interaction with my students. It always makes me a little sharper than I usually am because I prepare so much before I get to campus. My main concern now is that I get most of my tasks done before class begins, including the release of my second CD and a few applications that need to be prepared.

Watched The 24th Day this afternoon. My only critique is that I wasn't really in the mood to see such a heavy film today. The acting was good; the script was well written, though a bit claustrophobic; cinematography was nice. It may have been more appropriately produced as a play.

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