Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Glib Gibberish

Came across this brilliant & hysterically funny blog yesterday and wanted to share it with my cyber-mates: Glib Gibberish. I know she's written only three entries so far, but I've been laughing and sharing her stories for the past 24 hours.

Sent off the application for the residency program this afternoon. As we said in Japan, "Wish me ruck!"

So far behind on my to-do list that I can see my ass when I'm facing the mirror. Hope to get a bit more caught up tomorrow.

Tonight Los Lonely Boys are playing at the Pegasus Plaza downtown. If we don't check them out, then we're hitting the cinema for some celluloid escapism.

Question of the day: which is better, tai chi or chai tea?


  1. My vote is for Tai Chi, although I do occasionally like a Chai Tea.

    -Coffee Boy

  2. Chai tea!

    Glib Gibberish was great that chic sounds funny and cool. Like you, I too am interested in seeing a pic of her outie!

    Good luck with the residency program app! Let me know how it all goes.


  3. I just googled myself (as I often do) and saw your post about my site. Thanks for the promo. FYI: I am now trying to post my antics daily and grow the blog. Thanks again.