Saturday, June 5, 2004

Dear Stalker

Okay, any thoughts on the cover to my next CD, a mini (less than 24 minutes) entitled "Digital Tsar"? I know the text on the back is impossible to read, but on the actual CD cover at real size, there should be no problem. By the way, the binary code on the front spells out T-S-E-R-O over and over, the name under which I release dance music. (The more serious, new age/ambient work is released under my name.) I'll schedule the studio this week to have it mastered. I'm looking forward to having another item on the shelves of my sad, little shop.

Stephen talked me into this damn-fool fast this weekend: I haven't had solid food since yesterday around 5:00 PM. It's easy to control the body; the difficulty is in controlling the mind and getting it to accept that just because the body is hungry, it doesn't mean you'll be stopping at the next cafe for a bite. I even started salivating when we drove past a Church's Chicken!

I'm not happy about my stalker from the past year getting my home phone number and leaving messages from a local number. Get a fucking life, for fuck's sake. I haven't talked to you in over a year, and I only talked to you twice in my life! That's what I get for not sleeping with him: if I would've just fucked him, he'd be long gone by now.

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