Sunday, May 23, 2004

Whiskey Sour

Stayed out last night with Stephen, Douglas, & Shannon until after 1:00 AM drinking whiskey sours at Barbara's Pavilion. Then crawled out of the apartment at 10:00 after initially waking up around 6:00. Insomnia is my new best friend. Went to El Jordan for Mexican breakfast and bumped into . . . Douglas & Shannon. We all haven't socialized in months (probably close to 9 months!), and now we've spent all evening and all morning together.

Bought vegetables and fruit at the Farmers Market downtown after breakfast. Splurged on two baskets of raspberries at a $1.00 each. Met Kris around 6:00 for a one-hour walk on the Katy Trail, then came home for gazpacho and potatoes and the season finale of The Simpsons.

Strangely compelled by today's Doonesbury strip: it was censored in the Dallas paper because of the decapitated head even though it was actually written before the Nick Berg incident. What a strange world this is: the Dallas paper also printed a photo of Mr. Berg's head held up by his murderer, but that too was censored . . . but with only a black box over the head. And now this comic strip--that doesn't even reference the event & is often censored by the editors of one-horse town's newspaper--always already references the Berg murder and therefore requires censoring. All this is enough to make me, too, lose my head....

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