Wednesday, May 26, 2004

No Other Troy

While I was working out this afternoon, listening to my MD entitled “Angry Women,” I kept thinking of Todd and how we had a relationship that lasted for years based solely on the fact that we never had a relationship. It all started backstage during Our Town during the late autumn of 1988; lasted through some minor kissing & groping parked in his car after a couple of wine coolers; the reappearance in spring 1991 when he searched me out to apologize; when he wrote a letter from Memphis in winter 1993 declaring himself queer, out, and proud; in spring 1997 when he introduced me to his wife Laramie; until I finally wrote him a letter while I was living in Japan (spring 1998) with these fateful words: “How is it that we’ve managed to have a relationship based solely on the fact that we’ve never had a relationship?” That was seven years ago. And since then, not a single word. Funny, eh?

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