Monday, May 17, 2004

Mundane Things

The concerts Friday night were very exciting: the experimental/techno-friendly Tree Wave, the alternative rock Sekiden all the way from Australia, and the ever techno-erotic industrial/synth pop The Lovemakers. If anyone lives in the DFW metroplex, I highly recommend the Rubber Gloves venue in Denton: good space & great crowd that was so goddamned Molly Ringwald circa 1985 it made my tits hurt. Picked up Zoran & Dragana a little after 10:00 PM and then drove the 40 miles to Denton. Even the chill in the air helped make the perfect night out. We didn't get home until after 3:00 AM. We crashed until after 11:00 the next morning and couldn't/didn't do much Saturday, being in recovery for not having gone out clubbing for several months.

Sunday we got up at 4:30 AM to pick up Shayne from the airport. There were no coffee shops open as we neared downtown, so we continued all the way to Kaufman, where we spent the entire morning and a chunk of the afternoon sitting in her garden chatting.

Last night I did 2 miles. This morning I did another 2 miles and lifted weights.

Today I haven't been able to concentrate on my music very much. Thinking of ditching the mash-up contest since the deadline is in two days. I'd much rather rework my own "Rusted City (History Is A ...)" in order to have my next EP mastered early in June.

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