Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Favor for Nikola

Does anyone out there know Frederica from Italy with a dog named Sascha and a grandmother from Croatia who hangs out at Torrefazione on Travis Street in Dallas? If so, my friend Nikola would like to see her again before she moves back to Italy.

More Reasons to Love Dallas:

  • #1 in crime (again ... for the 6th year in a row)
  • its citizens recycle a mere 4% of their waste (and I'm convinced that I do most of that!)
  • 3rd fattest city in the US

They need me here!

Walked/jogged 7 miles yesterday. Took a break from that as well as many other things today. Joined Nikola for coffee at Torrefazione in the late morning. I complimented him by saying that he's one of my few friends who has decent friends.

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