Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Two-month hiatus....

Now that the porn industry's gears are grinding (grinding, grinding) to a halt because of the HIV scare, it seems I'll have about 2 months to work on other projects.  The top priority is to continue lifting weights & jogging 5k as much as possible so that when the shooting starts up again, I'll be able to cash in on my 6-pack abs.  (Right now I'm working on tearing down abs #7 & #8, since they're the ones that hang over my belt.)

Six loads of laundry so far this week, and I'm still not quite finished with it all.  No wonder housewives kill themselves.

The music I've been writing lately has been some of my favorite.  Finished one song Monday, and began an even better one that afternoon.  Looking forward to having my grading (60 5-page essays + various late assignments) completed so I can dive back in.

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