Thursday, April 8, 2004

Tomorrow is Good Friday, but today isn't so bad either.  If all goes well with this entry (and the subsequent few), then I'll use this new platform (for which I am paying but under utilizing) for my blog.
This morning we spent over 3 hours listening to our National Security Adviser tell us how even though our government was doing everything it possibly could be doing to protect us, it was still waiting for a memo with the specific time, date, and place of the al Qaeda attack before doing anything to protect us.  In honor of this "poor, colored girl from the South," I hereby christen her Anaconda Lies, Queen of the Partisan Snake Dance.  Don't let her hypnotize you too with her snakey voodoo twitching and side-winding.

Last night--when the night seemed so full of possibilities--Shayne & I were hijacked by Scott (of the double-T) and forced to endure bad service and an unpleasant atmosphere at Trinity Hall, Dallas' own version of an Irish pub, but without all the ambience any "foreigners" might give it.  He was worth every penny we left as a tip.  At least the whiskey was good & strong.  And the night ended with much less possibilities.

May the Universe intervene and rescue the Japanese hostages in Iraq.  This I humbly ask.

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