Monday, April 12, 2004

Today I held my breath for such a very long time.

Monday--a morning of extreme yin followed by an afternoon of extreme yang.  I remain indecisive about whether my life is perfectly balanced or bipolar.  Sending out my CD to Norm Hines, the creator of Caelum Moor, makes me feel on the verge of something.  Sonia's site is worth a visit, and a purchase [missing URI].  Snatch up her art before she gets too famous!  Emma Goldman rules ... in a anarchical sort of way at least.  Just finished watching a 90-minute documentary about her life & work.

Dear President Bush:  Here's the memo you've been waiting for:  You will not receive a memo with the exact time & place & means of the next attack.  So do your fucking job.  Shalom.

Now excuse me as I do mine.

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