Monday, January 13, 2003

Yesterday was the first (and possibly only) snow of the season. The flakes were huge and fell from the sky for most of the morning and afternoon. It was wonderful being out in the weather and then watching through the huge windows at the Meyerson Symphony Center during the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s intermission as the snow continued blanketing the barren trees and evergreens just east of the building.

After the concert, we drove to Arlington and had dinner with friends who celebrated Stephen’s (and presumably my own) upcoming birthday. It was a pleasant conclusion to a busy and fulfilling weekend full of such events.

The weekend began with Shayne’s arrival with a six-pack of Foster’s. We worked some, and I auditioned the music from the techno album I’m writing. That evening friends and I met at Annette Lawrence’s opening at the Dunn & Brown Contemporary Gallery. Then twelve of us ate supper at La Duni, closing the restaurant down. Around midnight, Stephen, Shayne, Toni and I went to the Dallas Museum of Art to celebrate its centennial and enjoy free admittance. I finally headed to bed around 3:00 AM.

Saturday we picked out a Texas Ebony to grow as a bonsai indoors.

Today I’ve been taking it easy: waves of nausea and other unpleasantness have been trying to spoil my attitude. Continued reading the Macquarrie analysis of Existentialism throughout the afternoon while sipping herbal tea and vegetable soup with Stephen’s homemade bread. Trying to distill all this information and knowledge into some sort of course for either a continuing education department or to be delivered over the Internet. I’d love to have my own salon where we’d discuss literature and philosophy for hours. Yeah, thinking I’ll never have a job in corporate Amerika again. Instead I just may sit with the cats all day and watch the robins, cardinals and other birds eat from the feeders out my front window.

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