Sunday, September 29, 2002

Finally a time to get away from the studio and out of my own head has come: tomorrow Shayne & I head to the Pacific Northwest by car. We plan to be gone for about two weeks, mostly staying in Seattle, Washington, visiting friends and developing more projects to complete once we return.

The Caelum Moor project is, for the most part, completed. I need to tweek some of the audio settings on the last two pieces. Then I just need to take care of all the business aspects of copyrighting, publishing, signing, distributing. Until that time, please feel free to check out the newly launched (yet not quite completely online) site for Caelum Moor, an album of electronic ambient music. At this time, only the piano versions are live. But the complete songs will be live within the next month or so, and you'll be able to purchase the CD from as well as from other retail markets. My photos of the actual site will be uploaded late next month.

Caelum Moor available here.