Thursday, June 13, 2002

So this is how it all ends:  Frankie and his pals crawling back to their respective rooms at 5:30 in the morning after an indeterminate amount of vodka, an unending night of dancing and rozmowa, with lips smeared with the sauce of good falafel eaten in haste at an all-night Turkish bar and a bad cup of coffee out of the vending machine in the lobby downstairs.  And the question I really need answered is this:  Did it get any better than this?

In an attempt not to regret too much in my life, particularly over the past unnecessarily difficult nine months, I enlist the following list to help me remember what meant the most to me here in Warsaw.  This is what I take home with me:

  • Tomek serving me cafe au lait in a bowel with a smile at 6/12.
  • Angel wings at Polyester.
  • Kino Muranów.
  • Qchnia Artystyczna, CSW, and the entire Zamek Ujazdowski complex.
  • Sweet/Salty (or was it Sweet Elephant?) with Sarah.
  • Sokrat.  (I still miss you.)
  • The night when fondue turned into fondon't at Szpulka.
  • Pub Depresja--enough said!
  • Finding a pumpkin to carve for Halloween.
  • The Asia Pacific Museum's ceramic exhibition.
  • The Nut Lady on Nowy Świat.
  • Day in early December with Thom, watching Cześć Tereska & feeding the animals who would soon star in some holiday performance.
  • Walking around New Town in the snow.
  • Discovering the magic of ul. Chmielna and Muza.
  • Vegetarian naleśniki at Szpilka with a caffe latte spilling over the sides of the glass.
  • Między Nami with Jola.
  • Walking through the old Jewish Quarter the day before my birthday.
  • Women's Day with Jola.
  • Columbian dinner with Germán & John while their cats curled up on my lap.
  • What?!  Another Cafe Brama?!
  • The Noir Desir concert with Mirek & Daria.
  • Not using the line, "I am not you, and you are not your mother!"  Or even better:  "I am not you, and you are not your cunt of a mother!!!" when I had so many opportunities....
  • Parade of Equality with Jola, Sarah & John.
  • Men's Night at Club 69 with Robert & Gwen.
  • Piano recital on a Sunday afternoon in Lazienki Park.
  • MIA 100 Kobiet with Jola & Paweł, and the subsequent bar crawl from Utopia to Organza.
  • The Cesaria Evora concert with Jola.

This will be my last entry from Warsaw.  I return to Texas June 19th.