Saturday, August 11, 2001

    A month in Prague was a good way to spend my summer vacation, though I'm still not certain it was the best way to spend my scarce monetary resources. I do think I got quite a bit out of the lectures: I didn't ever really understand the American political system as well as I do now, and I actually am open to the idea of studying economic theory like I've never been before. Happy to have met several interesting people, paticularly the ones who were not a part of the Institute at Charles University. Danced a lot, drank in moderation (a first!), and didn't smoke one cigarette--a drastic change from the last time I was in Europe.
    I'll be busy for the next several weeks preparing for my move to Warsaw: taking the GRE once again, writing, applying for a visa, traveling to New Orleans for a weekend, researching Ph.D. programs in international relations for autumn 2002, etc. Currently I'm looking forward to getting over this jet lag and nausea.

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