Thursday, August 23, 2001

With this entry, you'll notice that I've returned to the original style of also using the time when I begin writing. I had stopped documenting the times when I was actually employed--already so long ago--so as not to have proof that I was working on my web site when I should've been working for The Man. Well, fuck The Man! and his mind-numbing jobs!

This morning was spent running errands around Dallas: I bought my ticket to Warsaw; mailed off my visa application; and got my third and final Hepatitis B vaccination shot. It was nice to actually get some things accomplished and finalized since I leave in less than three weeks.

Saw David Byrne in concert several days ago. It was incredible: he performed several of my favorite songs from his solo career, collaborations, and from his days with Talking Heads. He's one of my all-time favorite singers and certainly one of the most creative people in America. For the past year I've had the fantasy of writing an opera to be sung by him and Bjork, perhaps with Laurie Anderson and Suzanne Vega in the chorus!

Leaving for New Orleans Saturday afternoon with Stephen and Kennan. There's a mandatory conference about hurricanes at the Pat O'Brien Conference Center. Wish I didn't have to go, but alas....

I'm so looking forward to leaving this cyberpit I've allowed myself to fall into. Too many delinquents, most of them juvenile, online. It amazes me how one teenager can be totally in touch with reality and offer insight and depth of emotion while another can only talk about his dick! I just cannot relate. (But I've already decided that in my next incarnation I shall be a counselor for troubled teens....)

Saturday, August 11, 2001

    A month in Prague was a good way to spend my summer vacation, though I'm still not certain it was the best way to spend my scarce monetary resources. I do think I got quite a bit out of the lectures: I didn't ever really understand the American political system as well as I do now, and I actually am open to the idea of studying economic theory like I've never been before. Happy to have met several interesting people, paticularly the ones who were not a part of the Institute at Charles University. Danced a lot, drank in moderation (a first!), and didn't smoke one cigarette--a drastic change from the last time I was in Europe.
    I'll be busy for the next several weeks preparing for my move to Warsaw: taking the GRE once again, writing, applying for a visa, traveling to New Orleans for a weekend, researching Ph.D. programs in international relations for autumn 2002, etc. Currently I'm looking forward to getting over this jet lag and nausea.