Monday, May 28, 2001

    Two years ago I began this site as an online journal, a record of my inner and outer adventures around the world. Several changes later, it has evolved into this site. I have to admit I'm rather proud of my little corner of the web. I certainly haven't maintained it or kept it updated as I would've wished: sometimes life (or the lack thereof) simply prevented me from recording it.
    Now that I've been stationary for about a year, it's hard to believe that I'll soon enough be on the road again. Soon to Prague, and then in September I move to Warsaw for a year. Who knows what paths I'll be down this next year. Or who I'll end up being when it's all said and done. As always, I'm looking forward to the journey.

    Today was Memorial Day. I went to the graveyard with Stephen and Shayne. We drank beer, ate pretzels and communed with the dead--my dead: the uncle I never knew who bore my name for 3 days shy of 20 years until he was killed in Viet Nam, my grandparents who took really good care of me and made me feel special, my great-grandmother who had giant sticks of peppermint to hand out to us kids when we'd visit her in the nursing home. It seems weird to me how permanent and placed these people are under the earth. They helped make me who I am and who I will be. And that graveyard is the closest to a childhood home I have on this planet. I'm glad I went today, not knowing when if ever I'll visit again.