Thursday, March 2, 2000

My sleek, black and sweet cat Griga is a cancer survivor. He underwent surgery last week to remove a small lump on the top of his head; this week the tests came back positive. Now he looks like a little Frankenstein kitty with a big scar and stitches on his head. He seems to be handling the situation better than I am.

This morning I was interviewed on LinguaMOO by a good friend who is taking a writing course by one of the wizards there. It was an interesting interaction. We probably *spoke just as much on the MOO this morning than we have during *real life encounters: both he and I are absolutely not gabbers. But man could we type!

I have been focusing the past couple of weeks on leaving this country again. I have applied for a couple of jobs at universities in Europa Centralna, and I have a March 15th deadline for a fellowship to get me to Ukraine. I have also been seriously brushing up on my Russian by studying the grammar and reading simple texts--all I can handle after not learning the language eight years ago. It looks as if Russian is going to get me further in the world than Polish, and I don't mind perfecting my Russian as long as I don't lose my Polish. Unfortunately I haven't studied Japanese at all these past few months. Hey anybody: wanna talk?