Wednesday, July 28, 1999

I'm halfway through with my five-week language course. It already seems like I've been here for months because of the intensity of the program. I've made some really great friends and am staying busy studying Polish for hours everyday. I'm looking forward to visiting friends in Warsaw this weekend, and I hope that I can make the Madredeus concert at the castle ruins in Kazimierz Dolny nad Wisla on Sunday evening. I started loving that group when I saw Wim Wenders' Lisbon Story in Krakow already three and a half years ago. Their music had such a profound affect on me after my sorta nervous breakdown at Birkenau.

I didn't get the one job I applied for in Europe, so now I'm leaning toward returning to Texas after school ends around mid-August. I really don't want to give up being/living in Europe just yet, but I would love to just sit at *home for a while and kind of collect myself. And I need a job.

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