Friday, July 2, 1999

Finally a Rainy Season worthy of its name! It has basically been flooding in Shimonoseki (if not all of the Chugoku Region of Japan) for several days now, with the occasional sunny and humid day thrown in to break the monotony of rain falling from the sky.

My week in China was incredible. I made some good friends and great contacts; saw some amazing sites (the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Lama Temple, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace); danced for hours at a great disco (very much like something in Western Europe or a really great club in America except with uniformed soldiers around the perimeter); ate the most delicious Chinese meals of my life; barely slept; was totally mentally as well as physically exhausted; and enjoyed almost every single minute I was there.

Last night I was a bit glum. I've been trying to get together with some friends before leaving, and still I have not been successful. After having my plans for last night cancelled, I decided to just sit at home and pack my boxes. I felt better after taping up a box and filling out the customs declaration form.

Tonight I leave for Hagi after teaching my final classes at the university. Since it's raining, the beach party will probably be moved to a karaoke bar. I've been in Japan for almost two years, and tonight will be my first karaoke bar! I've been practicing my songs all morning. Unfortunately I have to return to Shimonoseki first thing in the morning to attend my farewell lunch with my boss and a few other workers at the university. I'm hoping to have a good dose of "morning head" (Japanglish for "hangover") for my luncheon.

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