Monday, May 31, 1999

    My Memorial Day was rather forgettable ... at least so far. In Japan there is, of course, no such holiday, so it was business as usual, teaching my two classes.
    I'm really tired. I'm starting to worry about my health. Though I've been working out at a gym, I'm not really taking good care of myself physically or emotionally. Even after my second pot of coffee on Friday night, I only felt half-awake.

    Tonight my friend may come over and prepare a Middle Eastern meal of falafel, tabouli and hummus. It's been several months since I had such things. Of course, I lived off of falafel for a week last summer in Israel! We'll see if the Japanese version is as good.

    I know this is a bit short, but I have a coffee date with a Japanese sensei. I've been postponing and cancelling for several weeks now, and I must meet him (already 5 minutes ago!).

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